The BIG Picture


Are you a registered organ donor?

What if that person died waiting to live? What does did it feel like to have someone else’s body parts inside you? I was a registered organ donor. I ticked the box on my license before driving through McDonald’s on the way to the car wash before buying my first bottle of vodka. I told my parents if I die, cut me up and burn me. It was a no brainer: someone could live if I died, but I didn’t even know what organs these people needed and why.  Would they really die? A quick Google search answered my question. One person dies every day waiting for a transplant and there is a huge shortage of donors in Australia. People where dying all the time, why weren’t there enough organs to help people? I had to find out. I had to first understand why it is important it to be a donor and then inspire other people to care. I had to show them the faces of the people they were and have saved and what we could learn from people who don’t just know death, but are in a courtship with it.

This story ends on the 1st of August 2015. I am at Melbourne City Square putting up the BIGGEST exhibition of my life. 113 portraits of transplant recipients, donors, donor families and people on the waiting list. The picture is 40 meters and long 1.2 meters high (2 meters longer then the world’s largest photograph).  It has taken two weeks and 3 try’s to print, 20 days to raise $10,000.00 to pay for it. I have produced more work in the last 4 month then I have in the last 10 years. I started this project trying to understand what it’s like to die waiting to live only to find that I was the was one dying waiting, to afraid to live. I have learnt many things none I regret or will forget but the one thing Ive learned from the most is life doesn't change in years it changes in minutes is it only takes a moment to get sick, a moment to be gone and a moment to be saved. Thank you from the top to bottom of my heart,to the Victorian Transplant Committee for letting me and my camera into your lives, homes and past and futures. I hope this BIG picture can help you all for many years to come
For all the stories behind the making of The Transplant BIG Picture check out the web serise or buy the limited edition transplant MAG.

Melbourne 2 Mumbai

Melbourne 2 Mumbai is the worlds longest family portrait, over 25 meters long and 2.5 meters high.
I photographed 70 members over 6 days while being hosted all over India by the extended family of Melbourne base family Sangeetha and Rish Singh.
I wanted to create this BIG picture to experience the incredible family life of India and I’m not going to lie amazing home cooked food.
Documentary videographer and old RMIT pal Michelle Jarni was my travel buddy thanks to her successfully funded Pozible Campaign.
Together we experienced family life in villages and cities taking in the vast differences between South India and North India culture language and traditions