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iDo Support Marriage Equality in Gippsland

2 years ago I had a simple idea, photograph anyone in Gippsland who believe in the equal rights for ALL PEOPLE to marry the person they loved. Since then we have photographed over a 1000 Gippslanders. Raised over $5k, published a book, started a LGBQITA+ Youth Support group, A queer social club, a fund a pop up/in information center to run an amazing campaign over the 3 months of postal voting in the main street of my home town of Sale. All leading the day Australia Vote YES. Our country town community has seen the worse Australia has to offer, from the face of the national no campaign living in Sale, a victim of a hate crime and a news paper who couldn't keep it clean or balanced. We persisted not out of spite but LOVE! Thank you all who stood up to be counted 2, 10,20,50 years ago thank you to everyone who vote THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO FOUGHT FOR LOVE AND WON!