You have everything you need right now

Transforming raw creative energy into building blocks of a creative practice by focusing on intuition and confidence rather than expensive equipment and years of study.

1. How and Why - camera techniques, light, shade, composition and subject - This workshop will focus on black and white digital photography. We explore photographic styles, messages understanding what we like and what we don't like and why. This about discovering what makes you happy

2. Process to Print - digital enhancement, photo processing and printing - Participant will download their photos, and learn how to edit their work to find the best ones. We explore digital software and basic tips to get the best prints. We also explore judgement of ourselves and others work.

3. Top Shoots - mounting techniques for exhibitions, and how to shamelessly self-promote with all the propaganda using local outlets and social media.

Exhibition - Curate and hang photographs, organize and host a community event, prepare artist statements and learn how to talk and sell work, network and connect to the extended local community.