TOPshelf-Badge System

TOPshelf is a bad-ass step by step badge system to help Gippsland based creative beasts from concept to realisation their desired soul goal. We arm them with a mean set of tools, sweet hookups to local resources, networks, grants opportunities and mentorship by PollyannaR .

Birthed out of PollyannaR's 10 years of experience as an regional isolated artist The knowledge and skills gained through building BIG pictures are now being transferred back to her regional home through the TOPshelf badge system. artist and tested though Regional Arts Victoria funded micro-pilot -TOPshelf. We have connected the unexpected, focused minds and kickstarted careers. Proving Gamification of learning works! We have found regional people have incredible creativity but from border to Melbourne there is like no creative education or pathways. Until now. Now you can be put on the TOPshelf.

We have hunted and gathered a tribe of local sourced creative beast, graphic designers, coders and artists to birth this badass system we are now in our next phase taking this bad boy online and to the people. We are super pumped to be partnered with with YGAP Spark* Accelerator program. This fantastic opportunity is for entrepreneurs who have launched ventures that exist to improve the lives of people in Australia who are doing it tough. We will received a transformational package of support to help us grow and scale discover the beating heart our system the game-changing emotional intuitive app  Soul Goal™ to deliver TOPshelf connect and create more efficiently and effectively. 

We have been picked up by Random Hacks of Kindess to code Soul Goal™ into reality. Using gamification, daily emotional check-ins and the Soul Goal™ App will harness authentic creative ideas, store, organize, report and export out them out into the world.

TOPshelf is a subscription based programed custom fitted to work for you and get you soul power your BIGGEST DREAMS.

 YGAP Pitch Night: Winner of the $2,000 peer review

YGAP Pitch Night: Winner of the $2,000 peer review