How does it work?

Create your own BIG picture of a family portrait by me, PollyannaR, in my new super awesome main street studio. It was in my home town of Sale that I created the world's longest family portrait Melbourne2Mumbai after discovering that I could create the perfect family photo, even if everyone can't be in the studio for the shoot at the same time. 

For over 4 years have I whipped the the traditional family photo into shape, making the whole experience easier, super fun, better looking, more affordable and totally stress-free. So you can do what you do best - be you! 

In 1 hour you can see your photo live on a TV as I photograph, let you pick your favorite shot and fix up anything that annoys you in my Photoshop computer program. Aunt Sue and Uncle Bob can't make it that day? No drama! Just book another photo shoot and I can pop them in at a later date.  It's all done right there and then in front of you with you in control, creating a completely unique family portrait that expresses who you are as a family and all without killing each other! (How great is that?)

24 hours after your final shoot, you will have your super awesome family portrait prints in your hot little hands to love and adore, plus the digital files to show off to friends and family! And if you want to add a bit of spit and polish, I have a simple but stylish range of frames and albums that are guaranteed to work with any home decor. 

So, make yourself at home and have a look around. You can make a enquiry by shooting me a email whatsup@pollyannar.comif you have a particular date in mind, or you can just buy a voucher below. I hope to be seeing you in my studio... even if just to say hi! Be sure to check out the What's On to find out all the cool creative stuff that's going down and but if I ever meet you... well I hope you have a wonderful life. :D!!