Marina Abramović - Why we need art more then ever

Repetitively speaking for a artist I'm not very cultured, growing up art wasn't something of value. I never went to a gallery, exhibition, museum or saw a play. There were no photos, painting or books in my surroundings. The most I ever did was go to Melbourne to see Disney on Ice and Circus Du Soleil twice each. These glimpse into a world of emotion and freedom of expression where men wore make up woman moved in strange ways that made me feel embarrassed for the them but instantly ignited and fueled my imagination for the years that followed. Even when I decided to be a photographer at 16 I didn't know there was a whole world of different photographers. Travel, war, family, wedding, sport, fashion and art. So now at 26 i am learning about what art meansbecause I think I've accidentally become one.

Why it is important, why should it be of worth and not a waste of space and resources, what purpose does it serve. The BIG Picture is at the end of the day performance art....I think. It only comes alive when the 40 meter wall is erected and the public interact with it. And after the end of project i think it's may favorite part. When my Transplant wall was up it was nick named the weeping wall because the viewer started crying after reading just one story. I'm not sure if it was because they picked a donor family story of loss or because a recipients story of hope or the fact that that was just one of 113 stories yet to be read. The effect is the end is completely overwhelming. I stayed at the wall 12 hours a day for a week in the middle of winter totally fascinated by my audience reaction. It something I had no idea would happen until i put it up in public for the first time.

I, in a space of 100th of second went from a photographer to a performance artist without even knowing it. I saw the below clip on Facebook I watched it and instantly was balling my eyes out, in 3.37 minuets Marina hit the core of my soul. I knew nothing about this woman only that I would follow her work to the end of the earth. I was so glad to find her TED talk to learn about how she see's art, why she creates it and how she made the perfect space for me to experience emotions so profound and life changing in a tiny window over a coffee.

Please take the time to watch both clips to the end it's really really worth it. And for extra credits check out the late David Bowie's interview RIP on a awesome prediction on the future of art <3

The idea that the piece of work is not finished until the audience comes to it and adds their new interpretation and what the piece of art is about is the gray space in the middle As Davie Bowie