During my Spiritual Adventure I have discovered a variety of tools that I use myself everyday to support my body, mind and spirit. - Essential Oils, Crystals, positive affirmations and mantras, oracle/tarot cards and meditations. These are all things I would love to teach other people to intertwine into their own lives. While I did study Art and Photography for my final school years I haven't delved into anything creative in years but this seemed like a natural way for me to combine all my passions and knowledge together to share with others.


In 2007 I moved from Ireland to Australia with my man to start a new adventure. After working as a behavioural therapist for children with ASD in Melbourne for 6 years we decided to move to Gippsland and start another new adventure. Moving to Gippsland kick started a journey to live a more simple and natural life which in turn led me to discover the magic of essential oils and started my spiritual adventure. Since starting my own soulful essential oil business through Doterra nearly 2 years ago I developed a passion for living a holistic and guided life and my husband and I founded Simply Living to share our oily love, help others change their lives and to offer Holistic Lifestyle Guidance.

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