Artist Statement: Elfie’s Dream is about a Faerie that has an awakening to help heal our world and make people aware of how pollution and rubbish can affect the planet. The book was written with a simple message aiming at children who can connect with Elfie and maybe become the next generation in saving the world. This book was written and illustrated from my heart. I am a real life Faerie Earthina and trying to find a Faerie book to read to the children was hard to find that had an environmental message. I searched the world without success and decided to give it a go. Elfie was born. The title Elfie’s Dream is simply her making her dream to save Mother Earth come true. I began by the inspiration of the beautiful garden of Pollyanna’s family house. It is actually 11 Finigan Court. 11 is my lucky number so Elfie’s first book is created here. She then will wonder down to the jetty and connect with the Thomson River and then out to sea and her journey will continue to expand. It is endless and very open ended for a series of books. I am aiming to touch the heart of every child and adult who reads about her and falls in love as I have. I also aim to trigger the minds of children, our younger generation, to be aware of our Planet Earth and am looking at publishing the book as Eco friendly, naturally!! I plan to crowd fund through Top Shelf with Pollyanna to kick start the first of many books. I will be printing some limited editions and creating art work for sale as well as 11 hand drawn Elfie’s.


My name is Davina Kendall and I have been naturally working with children all my life. I have been a professional dance teacher for over 30 years, with lots of experiences in Melbourne which lead me to teach for Young Talent Time, and performing in the ballroom scene. I moved to the country Stratford and began my own school in 1985 and would say I have taught thousands of children in this time from the age of 15. I had a break for 6months in my late 30’s due to stress fractures in my legs and created a Faerie party business. This is still going. I think I am going to be the oldest faerie ever! After retiring form dance for good, I had to get a real job! I have been in long day care as an educator for 11 years and recently started working from home in family day care for the past two years. After having a three month break from long day care and considering a change in direction as a career, I accidently tripped over the garden spade in the garden and broke my right wrist. Yes more bone cracks....This is where my dream actually came true. I am creative and felt limited in what I could do so I began to draw and write about Elfie.  I drew very small. My wrist actually made me write neater with the cast on. I had also turned 50 and changed my eating habits to no numbers or preservatives or sugar in my life. This started my road to changing my Faerie parties to being all environmentally friendly and not using plastic cheap things from shops, but using our nature to create a better message to the children. As I was searching for an environmental message to complement my lifestyle, I couldn’t find a book about a Faerie at all. I had never found a book that even engaged children in over 18 years let alone a story with a message. What do you do? You write it yourself.  I grew up surrounded by art and creative people as my Grandmother was an artist and so is my Uncle. I am sure she is helping me along with this new direction. I would Love Elfie’s Dream to be as popular as some favourite books like The Bear Hunt. Working with children all my life I understand what engages them and this book does. Elfie’s Dream repeats and I feel has rhythm within the literature.  And she is just so cute! She discovers special things along her journey and the bottom line is she wants her heart to feel love. Who doesn’t? The first book is about her in the garden and will have an audio of me reading the story. Elfie changes into different animals that live in that environment and will discover what is polluting that environment. I would love Elfie to become dolls for sale, maybe an App and I am in the process of having a song written. I will be releasing a new book every three months with the change of the seasons.