The Transplant Big Picture Web Series

Come with me behind The BIG Picture and find out what life is like on the waiting list with 4 short videos. I was so incredibly lucky to be collaborate with Michelle Jarni on this project. This doco explores all layers on organ transplant from donor families, recipients, funerals and everything in between. We created this series to give a uncensored insight to the transplant world.

A four part documentary series created by Michelle Jarni takes you on The BIG Picture journey with Pollyannar photographs the transplant community in Victoria, Australia. Hear their stories and learn about the true gift of organ donation. Are you a registered organ donor?

Organ donation is possible only with the consent of your family. In this episode meet two families who made the decision to donate their loved one's organs to save lives. Donor families urge that have a thorough discussion when you become a registered organ donor.

For those that need kidney transplants dialysis is a life saving treatment that cleans the body of waste and keeps it in balance. There are two types of dialysis; hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. In this episode we take a look at the two different kinds of dialysis and the long wait for a kidney transplant.

Pollyanna continues to photograph portraits for The Big Picture, as she meets more people it becomes clear how determined this community was to overcome the odds and live a normal life.

Throughout the filming of this series there were so many stories incredible stories to include. Pollyannar was reached out to countless times for people to share their own unique journey.Although they don't all feature in the series, many feature in the print and represent the greater community. Thank you for watching this web series, I hope it has changed your perspective on organ donation. Whether you choose to become a donor or not, the most important part is to inform your family of your decision.