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PollyannaR bold art practice starts with creating one of the world's longest photographs.

Born in 1989 in rural Victoria, PollyannaR spent the first 15 years of her life illiterate due to her severe dyslexia. At age 16, she started taking photos of all the wonderful, complicated and beautiful people she noticed in everyday life that she could never put a pen to paper to write about.

BIG Pictures are used to help create awareness by showing that there is always a human face behind the statistics and facts, giving insight into the lives of the people photographed.

Passionate about empowering people and regenerating places through art and activism she has found strength is in linking ideas, connecting people and facilitating community arts to grow in regional areas. She works as a facilitor, collaborator, mentor and leader to empower minorities, young entrepreneurs, and artists to achieve their wildest dreams.

In 2017 she founded of The Big Picture Space Inc, a not for profit organisation in Gippsland that creates pathways to success for disengaged youth through the TOPshelf badge system. Currently building an emotional intuitive app  Soul Goal™ to help deliver TOPshelf  Using gamifaction & daily emotional check-ins, the Soul Goal App harnesses authentic creative energy, stores it, organises it & exports it out into the world. Empowering change-makers no matter where they live or how they learn

Current Exhibitions

Melbourne to Mumbai: The world's longest family portrait (75 people/25 metres)

Transplant: Portraits of the Victorian Transplant Community (113 people/40 metres)

#iDo Support Gay Marriage in Gippsland:  Marriage equality online campaign (800 people) *YES*

Drawn Together BIG Picture: East Gippsland Art Gallery (300 people / 30 metres)


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