“Different is Normal” I am inviting short film makers of all ages in the Wellington Shire to submit a 2 minute film exploring the concept of individuality through hair. The project is inspired by my own experience growing up in Sale. I don't wear my hair in a ponytail and I have been labelled in my community with words such as “Weird” and “Lesbian” merely because I not afraid to express individuality through hair. I feel Regional towns like Wellington shire pressure individuals to be “cookie cutter” leading to higher rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide. This area turns on anything that is different or new. My project “Normal To Be Different” has an aim of inspiring my region that individuality should be embraced, not shunned. This project aims to provide a platform for creatives to express their expression


My name is Abbey Walsh and I’m primarily a photographer but I love making short films as well. I like all my work to have a meaning and some depth, I like people to look at my work and go away questioning themselves and their outlooks on life, I get great joy seeing people react to my art. As well as physical art I am also very involved in the performing arts, I act, sing, and dance in my own local area as well as in Melbourne. I love literature particularly the likes of Edgar Allen Poe and The Brothers Grimm, however my favourite books Whinnie The Pooh and Alice In Wonderland.